This week in Reception

The week started off with a bang as the children discovered a crashed spaceship in the woodland. The whole week revolved around the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers with rockets, aliens and thoughts about friends. It was then topped off with Children in Need day where the children got spotty for Pudsey…

This weeks winners

Well done to this weeks certificate and attendance winners. Congratulations to Eva for her fantastic swimming certificate. And finally Happy Birthday to Logan and Katie.

What we have been learning

It’s been a busy week in reception this week with the children learning about Remberance Day.  This week each child painted a poppy rock and we visited the war memorial together. 

This weeks winners

Well done to all of our certificate and attendance winners this week.  Plus happy birthday to Hattie and Lexus!

Super swimmers

Well done to Amelia Howard who brought in her 5 metre badge today! Looks like we have some super swimmers this year. 

This weeks winners

Well done to this weeks attendance and certificate winners. Great to see so many children working so hard. Well done to Logan Archer who got his 10m swimming badge this week. And a big happy birthday to our latest 5 year olds. 

Bonfire Night

This week the children have been learning about Bonfire Night. They have learnt a little about the history of it, have been making sparklers and painting their own firework pictures. The week ended with our own Reception Bonfire party where the children helped make their own bonfire, sang songs and ate hotdogs and mashmellows. Have…

This weeks antics 

This we we looked at the book the ‘Toy’s Party’. In the book Kipper makes a cake for his toys that includes some very interesting ingredients. The children headed to Morrisons with a list and bought what they needed to recreate this cake. Some were even braver enough to try it!

This weeks winners

Well done again to our fantastic Reception children who work so hard!  Have a look at our attendance book winners, our class winners and Archie’s swimming certificate.  (Feel free to bring in any of your childrens out of school certificates too so we can celebrate with them.) 

Kipper’s Cake

Have a sneak peak at the ingredients in Kipper’s cake. 

This weeks winners

Well done to this weeks winners of the attendance books and class certificates.  And a big happy birthday to Ralphie and Paris!